Hinterland Aviation

DCX MAX Synthetic Flight Trainer

General Aviation Trainer with Dynamic Control Loading and 3-DOF Motion

  • 220º Visual Display
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Basic Motion
  • Various Weather Conditions Available
  • Worldwide Graphic Scenery
  • Separate Instructor Station
  • Full Avionics including GNS530W & RNAV Approach Approval

Air-conditioned Training Facility

  • Flight Training
  • Corporate Groups
  • Gift Vouchers available for a Unique Gift

$121 per hour (+GST)

Solo Hire available to qualified persons

Selection of:

  • Single Engine Piston Aircraft
  • Multi Engine Piston Aircraft
  • Single Engine Turbine Aircraft
  • Multi Engine Turbine Aircraft

Fleet of 33 Aircraft Including:

  • Beechcraft 200
  • Cessna Grand Caravan
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