Flying with us

Flying with us

A Personalised Experience

At Hinterland Aviation, each flight is more than just a journey; it’s an experience crafted with your needs and safety in mind. From the moment you book with us to when you reach your destination, every detail is taken care of.

Fare Types

Deal (K)
Saver (S)
Flex (F)




YES - $44 Admin Fee

Date Change

YES - up to 24 hours prior to departure

YES - EXCLUDING on the day of the scheduled departure

YES - up to 2 hrs prior to departure

Name Change


YES - EXCLUDING on the day of the scheduled departure

YES - up to 2 hrs prior to departure

Change Fee

$44 per booking

$44 per booking

No Fee


Only when upgraded to Flex

Only when upgraded to Flex



Fare Diff + $44

Fare Diff + $44



* Children up to but not including the age of 2 travel free with accompanying adult and must not occupy a seat.

* Only 1 infant per adult allowed

* Failure to check in by deadline shown on e-ticket will result in fare loss

* Upgraded fares are non-refundable

* Credited fares must be booked for actual travel within 12 months of original booking date

Unaccompanied Minors

We provide a nurturing and secure environment for young solo travellers, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout their journey.

Dangerous Goods

Stay informed about what items are classified as dangerous goods to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Our guidelines help you prepare for a hassle-free travel experience.

Firearms: In accordance with Dangerous Goods Regulations , the carriage of ammunition / firearms requires airline approval.

Eligibility and conditions can be found in the Dangerous Goods download.


Entrust your cargo to our reliable and efficient air freight solutions. Whether it’s essential documents or valuable items, we ensure secure and timely delivery across our network.

Passenger Accessibility & Inclusion Plan

The primary aim of Hinterland Aviation’s Accessibility and Inclusion Plan is to:

Inform passengers with disabilities about the specific initiatives implemented to ensure their accessibility and comfort.

Reference Appendix A: Terms and Conditions for Passengers with Special Needs for a comprehensive list of our policies, procedures, and conditions related to the travel of passengers with specific requirements. Note that the information in this document is accurate as of its publication date and Hinterland Aviation retains the authority to modify policies and procedures as circumstances dictate.

Local Fare Scheme

Information on Local Fare Subsidy Scheme (LFS) . Bookings for LFS are available in person, over the phone or at IBIS. Date changes can be made up until 24 hours before departure time and a $44 fee will apply.

Phone: 07 4040 1333

LFS Bookings cannot be made online

Department of Transport and Main Roads – Local Fare Scheme Information

External Site: The Department of Transport and Main Roads runs the scheme with the assistance of local councils and authorities, and the airlines that operate Regular Passenger Transport flights in the region.



Cairns, Coen, Cooktown, Kowanyama, Pormpuraaw

Please see the fare types section on this page for more information and their specific conditions.

All our locations and relevant addresses are listed on the contact page. There is on street parking at Hinterland Cairns available, however it does fill up quite quickly during the week, so it is on a first in, best dressed basis.

20kg is the permitted allowance per paid fare. This is a combined total of checked and carry-on bags.

Yes, however excess luggage will be charged accordingly.

Cooktown, Coen, Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw flights are all charged at $5.50/kg

NOTE: Excess baggage is not guaranteed to fly on the same service as you. Excess baggage can be offloaded to travel on the next available service.

You will need to be at our terminal and checked in 45 minutes before departure. However, it is highly recommended that you be there 1hr prior to departure. Check-in closes STRICTLY 30 minutes prior to departure.

The Coen guest house is our agent in Coen. Passengers and/ or freight items must be checked in at the guesthouse first before going to the airport. Passengers must check-in no later than 1 hour 45 mins prior to departure as check-in will close 1 hour and 15 mins before departure. The airport is approximately 30 min drive from the guesthouse.

Yes. It is a security requirement to have photo identification to check in. You may be refused to fly if you do not have photo ID.

Photo identification can include: drivers license, over 18 card, student id card, passport, proof of age card.

If you are arriving into Cairns domestic terminal and then flying with Hinterland Aviation, allow at least 90 mins between your arrival time into Cairns and departure time with Hinterland Aviation. This will allow time for you to collect your baggage and transfer to our terminal in the general aviation area.

If you are departing Cairns domestic or international, please refer to your connecting carrier’s check-in times and allow at least 90 minutes from arriving into Cairns, although international may require more time to check in.

Taxi’s and ride share are best methods of getting to Hinterland Aviation or over to the main airport terminals.

Children can fly unaccompanied between the ages of 8 and 11 but will need to have an unaccompanied minor form filled out and sent back to Hinterland Aviation, 48 hours before the flight.

An unaccompanied minor form can be found on our main title page on our website under the “flying with us” tab.

Children under the age of 8 are not permitted to fly alone.

Yes – $44 handling fee  plus:

Cooktown rate:  $5.50/kg or part thereof.

Coen /Pormpuraaw / Kowanyama  rate:   Food & Groceries : $5.50/kg or part thereof
General Freight: $7.70 /kg or part thereof

NOTE: for large amounts of freight or oversized items, please call first to check flight load and limitations.

Freight must arrive 1 hour before departure for Cairns and 1 hour 45 mins for Coen.

Small pets are permitted, provided they are in an airline certified lockable cage measuring no bigger than 730mm long x 450mm wide x 540mm high. But please note that pets will also be subject to the approval of aircrew and other guests travelling on the flight due to possible allergies and or medical conditions. Small pets may include: dogs, cats, birds, kangaroo or wallaby joeys.

Firearms are permitted.

The firearm must not be loaded and must be in a lockable case. Ammunition must be stored in a lockable case and placed in a separate bag. Ammunition is capped at 5kg maximum. Driver’s license and firearms license must be presented upon check in and receipt.

Firearms include: rifles, handguns and crossbows. If the firearm is not in a lockable case, it will not be permitted to travel.

Yes you can fly without a medical certificate up until 36 weeks, if there have been no complications or difficulties.

You will require a medical clearance to fly after that time period.

You will also require medical clearance if there have been any complications or difficulties at any stage during your pregnancy.

Townsville, Palm Island

Unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of free parking space available at our terminal, so we recommend using public transport or having someone drop you off to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, Townsville Airport has plenty of paid parking space available if you are unable to park at our terminal. All our locations and relevant addresses are listed on the contact page.

All passengers have an allowance of 20kg for checked in baggage, and 6kg for carry-on baggage.

If you are travelling on a Shopper Fare, your checked baggage limit is increased to 35kg.

Although it is not a requirement, it is always a good idea to have a copy of your eTicket just in case. You will need current photo identification to check-in however as this is mandatory for all passengers.

Usually the flight to Palm Island takes around 20 mins however in rare cases it may take a little longer due to air traffic control or weather so if you are planning a connecting flight, it is always a good idea to factor this in.

Yes, we send freight on most of our services. Freight acceptance closes at 3pm for perishable goods and 330 pm for Non-perishable goods. Check with our staff for current freight rates.

In most cases yes you can. Fare rules are on your eticket as well as any change fees (if applicable).